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Ամառային առաջադրանքներ 

A bicycle

John’s father likes to swim. So he often goes to the swimming pool. His mother likes to play tennis. They often go to the stadium. Their son John is seven. He wants to be a good sportsman. His mother teaches him to play tennis but he asks his parents to give him a bicycle.

One day Father comes home and says: «I have got a present for you. Come and see».

John comes up and sees…..»Oh, it’s great! It’s a bicycle! I like it very much. Thank you Daddy! I am so glad to have it».

Every day Father and John go to the sports ground to ride a bike.

One day John says, «I can ride a bicycle very well. Let’s ask Mother to go with us».

So they go to the sports ground and watch John riding a bike. He rides and rides and rides. He is happy. He says, «Look, Mum! No hands!» Then he says, «Look, Dad! No feet!»

But suddenly John cries, «Look, Mum! No teeth!» 

John’s father likes to skate.

John’s father likes to swim.

His mother plays the piano very well.

His mother plays tennis very well.

John is ten.

John is seven.

He likes to play tennis.

He likes to ride a bike.

One day father gives him a ball.

One day father gives him a bicycle.

2.Every morning I get up at half past seven.

 I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

In the bathroom I wash my hands.

I play with my friends in the yard.

Every evening my family and me watch TV.

I read many interesting books every day.

Every morning my mother drinks water.

Every day my brother likes to eat an egg.

3. Every day (1) I get up at half past seven. First I (2) go to the kitchen and (3) have a cup of tea and toast for breakfast. Then I (4) go to the bathroom and (5) clean my teeth. After that, I (6) get dressed and (7) brush my hair. At half past seven I (8) go to work. I (9) take the bus to Cabramatta. It (10) is a long way from home. I (11) arrive at work at ten to eight. At twelve o’clock I (12) have lunch and at four o’clock I (13) go home. At seven o’clock I (14) have dinner with my family and then we (15) watch TV. At a quarter past eleven I (16) go to bed.

On Manday I play the piano.

On Tuesday you play tennis.

On Wednesday he goes swimming.

On Thursday she watches TV.

On Friday we go to the camp.

On Saturday  they read books.

On Sunday you have a rest.

 My family (1) lives in Melbourne. There (2) are six people in my family. My mother and father live in a (3) large house. The house has four (4) bedrooms and a big backyard. There are (5) flowers in the front yard. My older brother, Alan, is (6) married with two children. My younger brother, Bill, and my sister, Sue, live (7) at home. My father (8) works in an office in Belmore. He is a (9) manager. My mother works at home and (10) looks after the house. I am very lucky to have a wonderful family.

  1. I have got a bicycle.
  2. He has got a big dog.
  3. We have got pencils.
  4. You have got a desk.
  5. She has got a good book.
  6. They have got a computer.
  7. He has got a wife.
  8. I have got a red pen.
  9. They have got no money.

10.We have got a nice house

I have got a book.

My  mother has got a telephone.

They have got a big house.

He has got a beautiful car.

My grandparents have got a backyard with  flowers.z       

There is a large house in the picture.

There are beautiful flowers in the picture.

There are green and purple flowers in the front yard of the house.

There is a nice girl in front of the house.

My family

My family is large. Welive in the capital of Armenia,Yerevan.

 We have a big house. It has 3 living rooms, 3 kitchens, 4 bathrooms and a big balcony. There is a large swimming pool in the balcony. There is a large swimming pool in the balcony. We swim, spend a wonderful time with each other.

We don’t have a backyard and a front yard. There are  seven people in my family. I live with my grandmother, father, two brothers and a sister. My father is a constructor. My mother is an English teacher.

My grandmother works at office. My older and younger brothers studay at school. I am lucky and happe to have a wonderful family.

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