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Our school

I want to speak about our school. I study at the Southern School of  “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educomplex. I like my school very much. Our classrooms are very light because there are no walls in our school. We have joyful days here. After classes, we can ride bikes. When the weather is fine, we play different outdoor games. We have a lot of plants in our school and we water them every day. In summer we have an outdoor swimming-pool where we swim after classes. We have a lot of fruit trees around our school. Sometimes when the weather is fine, we do our lessons outside, under the trees. We do different subjects at school: Armenian, Russian, English, Math, Nature Study, Technology and PE. I like all the subjects, but most of all I like English because it is very interesting. We can speak and understand English. This is all about our school. 


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