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Eva — Hello!
Agape — Hello!
Eva — What’s your name?
Agape — My name is Agape. What is your name?
Eva — My name is Eva
Agape — How old are you?
Eva-I am 11 years old, how old are you?
Agape — I am 11 years old. Do you have a brother or sister?
Eva — I have a brother. Her name is Menua. Do you have a brother or sister?
Agape — I have one sister and two brothers. Hayk, Emmanuel and Gabriela.
Eve – Can you describe them?
Agape — Gabriela is 11 months old. Hayk is taller than Emmanuel. Emmanuel is taller than Gabriela. Hayk is the tallest and Gabriela is the shortest.
Eve — Goodbye
Agape -Bye.

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