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  1. Jenny is helping her mum now.
  2. You are visting your grandma at the moment.
  3. The girls are having breakfast at present.
  4. My dad is sleeping on the sofa.
  5. We are walking to school now.
  6. I am doing my homework.
  7. It is raining today.
  8. Our mum is cooking dinner.
  9. The birds are singing.
  10. My friends are playing tennis at the moment.
  1. I am playing flute at the moment.
  2. My dad is driving a car now.
  3. My mom is cooking giros.
  4. Emmanuel is not playing cello.
  5. Ester is drinking milk.
  6. We are running to garden.
  7. They are lying their mother.
  8. The birds are singing to the garden.

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