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2. Fill in the correct from of the verbs. Then match the sentences to the pictues.

play love go wear drink help

E Mike loves basketball.

B My brother and I go to school at 8 o’clock.

D Carlos plays the gutiar very well.

C We help our mum with thethe cooking.

A I drink milk for breakfast.

F My mum wears a uniform at work.

Long Form Short Form

1 She does not speak Italian. 1 She doesn’t speak Italian.

2 They do not go to school. 2 They don’t go to school.

3 We do not swim very well. 3 We don’t swim very well.

4 He does not watch TV every day. 4 He doesn’t not watch TV every day.

5 You do not live in England. 5 You don’t live in England


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