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11. What are the Johnsons doing now? Look at the picture and answer
the questions.

1. What is Mr. Johnson doing?

Mr. Jonson is reading book.

2. Is Mrs. Johnson watching TV?

No, Mrs. Johnson speaking in a phone.

3. Where are the children sitting?

Children are sitting on the floor.

4. What are the children doing?

The children are watching TV.

5. Is their grandmother reading or watching TV?

Grandmather is watching TV.

12. Do the exercise according to the example.

Example: He is reading.
Is he reading?
What is he doing?

1. She is writing.
Is  She writing?
What is she doing?

2. They are playing.
Are thay playing?
What are they doing?

3. Ben is eating.
Is Ben eating?
What is Ben doing?

4. Jane is drinking.
Is Jane drinking?
What is Jane doing?


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